Turquoise Pair Ring

$ 325

Embrace the timeless allure of Native American craftsmanship with Neil Martinez's exquisite turquoise jewelry.

From the moment Shirley discovered Neil's creations at the age of 10, she fell in love with these unique pieces, handcrafted by Neil and his father on the Paiute/Shoshone reservation where they both grew up. Each masterpiece is a testament to their heritage, meticulously fashioned from genuine turquoise and sterling silver. Neil Martinez, a Paiute Native American residing in Bishop, California, carries on the tradition as a second-generation silversmith, passing down this artistry to the third generation. The turquoise, sourced from the heart of Nevada, is transformed into these enchanting pieces, with every stone and silver element meticulously hand-cut and shaped. Elevate your style with a Neil Martinez original, a true embodiment of Native American craftsmanship.

All rings are custom sized. Enter ring size (6-11) at checkout. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

  • Made of natural Turquoise
  • Sourced from Nevada
  • Each piece is hand-cut and shaped
  • Sterling silver
  • All rings are custom sized to order; allow three weeks for delivery
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